General Specification

- Builds Assist for LOL is mobile app by TCP/IP connect for optimal data and fast interactive. not just website viewing app.
- Builds Assist for LOL have pre-downloaded data(champion build,static datas) for fast access. don't wait result website page for champion pick screen. if you click champion icon then build reference page will view immediately.

Client Specification(ver 1.0)

1. Champion Build
- loading from pre-downloaded file. so no internet access required.
- champion grid/list view mode
- sort option(region,version) - match count view
- select role and champion
(a) overview screen view summary build infos
(b) rune,mastery,item,skill.. detail view sort by most,winrate
(c) you will pick vs champion opponent and result will viewing a) and b) for vs specific opponent champion
- counter pick mode(you will select opponent champion first, and seeing winrate datas for vs this champion. if you pick your champion (c) will see.)
- core item build collect by weight(+1 ~ +1/6), skill level up build collect by weight(+1 ~ +1/18)

2. Static Data
- loading from corrected pre-downloaded file. so no internet access required.
- champion(Abilities,Statistics,Lore,Tip,Recommend Item)
- item(sort option:map,group)
- mastery
- rune(sort option:type,effect,tier)
- summoner spell
- 11 region language support

3. Patch System